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Gas Composition Independent!

The compact, economical  HPM-760S provides exceptionally stable, accurate measurement in the range from 999 Torr to less than 1 Torr. The HPM-760S is a less expensive solution as compared to capacitance diaphragm gauges. With 4 standard  fitting options, 4 linear output options, and a power supply/display option selectable at purchase, the HPM-760S is  an over-achiever  that will meet your process needs.  

Designed for easy installation and operation, the HPM-760S transducer houses a Piezoresistive sensor in a stainless tube shell. The only wetted material is stainless steel. This makes the HPM-760S​​ an excellent choice for a broad range of rough vacuum measurement applications. 

The HPM-760S is based on an advanced Piezoresistive sensor. In this type of sensor, the force exerted by the gas onto the transducer’s membrane is detected. The resistance of the piezo material changes as pressure is applied.  Therefore, the HPM-760S  can measure different gas compositions accurately without applying correction factors or recalibration. ​

Applications and Industries

  • Plasma Coating
  • Glove Boxes
  • Accelerators
  • Appliance Manufacturing
  • Cryogenics
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Solar Cell 



Range ​0.1-1000 Torr
Accuracy: (based on a 0.15% Reading Std.)

+/-(0.3% of Rdg + 1 Torr) for P</= 760 Torr

+/-(1.0% of Rdg + 1 Torr) for P> 760 Torr

Response Time: <2 sec
Maximum Overpressure: ​30 PSIG
Operating Temperature: ​0-50oC
Input Voltage: ​15-30 VDC
Input Power: ​15 mA @24 VDC (no load)
Output Impedance: ​1K ohms minimum
Wetted Materials: ​316 Stainless Steel