​Teledyne Hastings Instruments Announces Mass Flow Converter App and Website

HAMPTON, VA.  August 7, 2014 - Teledyne Hastings Instruments (THI) has recently released a mass flow unit conversion mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android-based devices. The app allows users to quickly and easily convert between mass flow units. Many mass flow units are available including: sccm, slm, gm/sec, lb/hr, scfm, mole/min, scim.  The app is flexible and allows the user to select gas type as well as gas reference conditions (STP). The app is free and also provides the user access to our white paper entitled, "Best Practices for Mass Flow Controllers". There is also a website version of the tool available at www.massflowconverter.com.​

Teledyne Hastings Instruments is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and produces a complete line of instruments for precise measurement and control of vacuum, pressure, and gas flow.​