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DV-4 Series Vacuum Sensor, Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge for Roug​​h Vacuum

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T​eledyne Hastings, manufacturer of the original DV-4, DV-5, and DV-6 thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes, produces vacuum measurement equipment with exceptional stability, accuracy, and reliability under the most demanding conditions.

The Teledyne Hastings’ DV-4 Series thermocouple vacuum gauge tube/sensor can be paired with a variety of meters or controllers in the DV series to provide reliable, cost effective measurements in a variety of applications. The robust, easy to install gauge system translates  a thermoelectric voltage to a vacuum pressure based on the density of the gas. The thermocouple gauge tube/sensor, DV-4,  is fully compensated for temperature and rate of temperature change with no suspended weld to an external heater.

The gauges are calibrated for nitrogen or air, but conversion factors for other gases are available from the factory.  The thermocouple gauge or controller does not require recalibration when thermocouple gauge tubes are replaced further decreasing process down time. However, our DB-16D reference tube is available to confirm meter/controller performance. Installation accessories are also available from the factory  to support your installation needs.  One less thing to worry about, when performance matters! 

​With a wide range of meter, fitting, relay and output options, the DV-4 Series can support a variety of applications.

Applications and Industries

  • HVAC / Refrigeration
  • Transformer  Oil
  • ​Laboratory


We have your solution

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Meter / Controller​​VT-4A​CVT-24A​DVT-4DCVT-4​HPM 4/5/6​DAVC-4
​Range0.1 Torr - 20 Torr ​ ​
DisplayReverse Motion Analog Needle ​ ​ ​ ​​Digital ​Setpoint (High/Low) Indicators​
​UnitsTorr, mBar, Pa ​
​+(20% Reading + 0.2 mTorr) max ​ ​
​Control Output or Relays​✓​✓​✓
Serial Communications​✓​✓
Power115 vac; 50/60 Hz current 
​90-240 vac; 47-63 Hz, 2W​90-250 vac; 47-63 Hz, 5W9V Battery​
DC Input Requirements

4.5-5.3 VDC, 1.5W​22-25 VDC, 5W
Power Cable Length​​6 Feet 
​ ​
None​1.5 m​
​Vacuum Sensor Cable Length​8 Feet - other lengths available
​ ​
Extends to ​13 Feet​​8 Feet - other lengths available
Weight1.3 Lb.1.5 Lb.​0.5 Lb.​0.7 Lb.​4.2 o​z.

​Color Band​Purple ​​ ​
​Dimensions​See Bulletin ​ ​ ​
​1/8" NPT Threaded Fitting​✓​✓​✓
​1/4" VCR Male Fitting​✓
​KF-16 Fitting​✓
​KF-25 Fitting​✓
​Mini-CF Fitting​✓
Robust with Protective Cap
Max Operating Temperature​100oC​150oC​150oC
Max Positive​ Pressure​150 PSIG​400 PSIG​​400 PSIG
Hermetically Sealed Base with Glass​✓​✓
​Stainless Steel​✓
Stainless Steel w/Nickel Plated Components​✓​✓


P​roduct ​Bulletins

Product Manuals

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