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November 30.jpgSelection & Sizing of Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers

Date: November 30

Time: 9am EST / 1pm EST / 10pm EST

Join us for this complimentary webinar discussing selection and sizing of thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers.

Thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers can provide excellent accuracy, repeatability, and reliability when configured properly for an application. But, where can you go to get help when sizing, selecting, and configuring a mass flow instrument? 

In this webinar, we will review the operation of thermal mass flow meters and discuss how these instruments are sized for various gases and flow rates. We will also describe the operation of the control valve of a mass flow controller and the parameters that are used to configure the valve for optimal performance. And finally, we will discuss other factors that you may want to consider when configuring a thermal mass flow meter or controller. 

Doug Baker, Director of Sales and Business Development for Teledyne Hastings will be presenting this webinar.

Doug Baker has a PhD from William and Mary in experimental atomic physics where he was very fortunate to learn about ultra-high vacuum. Doug has been at Hastings for over 25 years and got his start here as an engineering manager where he worked and developed both flow and vacuum products. Doug is active with the American Vacuum Society and was former chair of their Vacuum Technology Division. He currently serves as the Treasurer of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter for the American Vacuum Society.
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