​​Teledyne Hastings Instruments Announces IP-67 Enclosure Version of Digital 300 Series Flow Meters and Flow Controllers

300 and IP-67.jpgHAMPTON, VA. March 8, 2018 -Teledyne Hastings Instruments announces the release of IP-67 Enclosure Version for our high accuracy Digital 300 Series of thermal mass flow meters and flow controllers. The IP, or Ingress Protection rating, describes the instrument’s ability to operate in challenging environments. The first number, 6, indicates that the flow instrument has total protection against dust. The second number, 7, refers to protection from liquids. The Digital 300 Series with optional IP-67 enclosure can withstand water immersion up to one (1) meter for thirty (30) minutes.     ​

Teledyne Hastings Instruments is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufactur​er and produces a complete line of instruments for precise measurement and control of vacuum, pressure, and gas flow.​​