Product Videos​

HPM-4/5/6 Handheld Vacuum Gauge Unboxing (11/14/2023​)

Vacuum gauges from Teledyne Hastings are reliable, repeatable, and easy to use. In this video, we show you how to unbox and operate an HPM-456 handheld vacuum gauge.​


HVG-2020B Pirani and Piezo Combination Vacuum Gauge Unboxing (10/25/2022​)

Vacuum gauges from Teledyne Hastings Instruments are accurate, flexible, and very easy to setup. In this video, we describe and unbox the HVG-2020B pirani and piezo combination vacuum gauge and showcase a few of the many features.


​Using Mass Flow Controllers for Ratio Control of Gas Flow (12/8/2020)

Teledyne’s THCD-401 mass flow controller power supply allows ratio control of gases to create gas mixtures. In this video, we see how the THCD-401 operates while in ratio control. We also demonstrate how easy it is to set up the THCD-401 using either the front panel of the internal web-server via the Ethernet connection.


THCD-401 Power Supply: Mass Flow Controllers & Vacuum Gauge​s (9/8/2020)

The THCD-401 provides stable ±15 VDC and +24 VDC levels which can be used to operate mass flowmeters, mass flow controllers, vacuum gauges including capacitance manometers, and linear pressure transducers. The new THCD-401 also provides digital communication via either a serial USB ‘C’ connection or Ethernet (TCP/IP). When connected to the Ethernet port, the THCD-401 provides a convenient internal webserver for operation and instrument setup. A bright, graphical, color LCD display allows the user to easily display measurements with units as well as navigate the easy-to-use front panel menu interface.​


​Digital Vacuum Gauge - HVG 2020B (10/22/2019)

The HVG-2020B vacuum gauge from Teledyne Hastings features two sensors, a piezo-based transducer and a thermal-based Pirani sensor, in a single small package. The piezo is used at higher pressures, above 10 Torr, to accurately measure pressures. This sensor is media-isolated and is also gas composition independent.


​Digital Vacuum Gauge - HVG 2020A Part 2 (4/2019)

The HVG-2020A vacuum gauge from Teledyne Hastings is a media-isolated, gas composition independent, piezoresistive ​​instrument that provides accurate pressure measurement throughout the rough vacuum region. The HVG-2020A is easy to install, and the optional display provides the users with several different views, or modes of operation. The HVG-2020A is very flexible and can provide both analog and digital output to easily integrate into process control. A wide variety of linear analog output signals may be selected. This makes the HVG-2020A an excellent choice to replace more expensive capacitance manometers. Digital output can include RS232 and RS485 via a small jack on the top of the instrument. A USB connection is also available on many models which makes connection and operation very easy. Free Windows data acquisition software for data logging is available for the HVG-2020A.


THCD-101 (1/2019)

The THCD-101 is a multi-featured process display controller, capable of interfacing directly to a mass flow meter, mass flow controller or another process transducer such as the HVG-2020 Vacuum Transducer. The THCD-101 is a single channel unit which can be used to power a bipolar (±15Vdc @ 300mA) or unipolar (24Vdc @ 400mA) device. The THCD-101 can display the output from a transducer that supplies voltage signals up to 10 VDC or 4 – 20 mA current signals. There is also an input that can be used for external command (setpoint) control (+10Vdc full scale). Digital interfaces to the THCD-100 include USB (Serial Port Emulation) and Ethernet.​


Digital Vacuum Gauge - HGV 2020A Part 1 (10/2018)

The HVG-2020A is a small, low cost electronics module which provides the user with accurate vacuum measurements over the range of 0.1 to 1000 Torr. The piezo-resistive type sensor has one side of its sensing element evacuated to a low reference pressure then sealed to produce an absolute pressure signal output. This output signal is proportional to the applied pressure and is independent of gas composition. The sensing package utilizes silicone oil to transfer pressure from a stainless-steel diaphragm to the sensing element. Only the stainless-steel diaphragm is exposed to the vacuum.​


​​Control Pressure with the 300 Vue Digital Flow (3/2018)

Teledyne Hastings 300 Vue is a powerful and flexible flow instrument. The video compares flow measurement to the user’s set point command and demonstrates how the flow controller decides and adjusts the proportional solenoid valve. In this video, Teledyne Hastings shows how to connect an external pressure signal to the 300 Vue’s input and enable the 300 Vue to control pressure. In this mode, the instrument becomes a pressure controller. ​​


Digital 300 Vue Mass Flow Controller (11/2016)

The 300Vue is our newest series of digital gas thermal mass flow instruments which provide accurate, fast and convenient gas measurement and control. The color touchscreen display allows for local adjustments and monitoring of gas flow. Powerful and intuitive menus enable control of the gas flow in many ways. The instrument can be installed and operating in seconds. Flexible custom flow instruments without the custom price or lead time.​

Digital 300 Vue Mass Flow (9-2016)

The Digital 300 Vue series of thermal mass flow meters and controllers from Teledyne are designed to accurately measure mass flow without corrections or compensations for gas pressure and temperature.  Featuring a local touchscreen display , they are accurate to better than ±(0.5% of reading + 0.2% of full scale) for full scale flow rates from 0-5 sccm to 0-10,000 slm.​



Digital 300 Mass Flow User Software (3-2019)​​​

Teledyne Hastings Instruments announces the release of our new Windows™ based software for use with the Digital 300 Series line of thermal mass flow instruments. The software allows the user to control, observe, and record real-time flow data. The free software is flexible and provides windows for flow rate, setpoint control, graphical data visualization, flow totalization, and data logging. In addition, the user can open a terminal window wh​​ich allows further serial communication.

Digital 300 Mass Flow Controller (9-2015)

The Digital 300 Series of thermal mass flow meters and controllers from Teledyne are designed to accurately measure mass flow without corrections or compensations for gas pressure and temperature. They are accurate to better than ±(0.5% of reading + 0.2% of full scale) for full scale flow rates from 0-5 sccm to 0-25 slm.


DCVT / Digital CVT (7/2015)

The DCVT features a precision A/D converter along with a microprocessor to measure the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube’s signal output. The microprocessor converts the measurement to a pressure reading by employing the gauge tube’s well defined output/pressure relationship. The result is displayed using a bright 3-digit green LED display. The DCVT is packaged in an 1/8 DIN case which can be panel mounted. The Digital CVT Vacuum Gauge Meter is available for three of THI’s most popular gauge tube families: DV-4, DV-5 and DV-6.


PowerPod 400 - four Channel Power Supply for Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (4-2015)

The THPS-400 is Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ four channel power supply for use with thermal mass flow meters, flow controllers, and/or pressure gauges. The THPS-400 features simultaneous control and display of all four channels as well as RS-232/RS-485, and analog outputs, and set points for process control. The THPS-400 can also perform ratio control and totalize gas flow. The instrument is packaged in an all-metal enclosure with easy to view, bright vacuum fluorescent display.




Operation of a Mass Flow Controller using HFM-300 or HFC-302 (1/2015)

The HFM-300 series of flow instruments covers a wide range of flow measurement from 5 SCCM to 10,000 SLM. The wide coverage is achieved by customizing the size of the flow by-pass or shunt for your application. The linear signal is amplified to a 0-5VDC or 4-20mA output signal which can be sent to a Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ controller / display or other data acquisition system/PLC. Combine the HFM-300 of HFC-302 with the THCD-100 single channel display controller for a seamless out-of-the box user experience.



Vacuum Gauge - HPM 2002 (9/2014)

The HPM-2002 is a wide range vacuum gauge. The Model 2002 sensors are mounted in a rugged corrosive resistant 316 stainless steel tube. The small packaging reduces the transducer’s internal volume, significantly improving response time. The tube can be mounted in any orientation with no effect on calibration and is far more rugged than standard fragile convection driven Pirani tubes.

Each HPM-2002S tube contains a programmable memory chip (EEPROM). Stored on the EEPROM are the calibration.



Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge - DAVC (4/2014)

The Teledyne Hastings Instruments' DAVC (Digital AVC) is a microprocess or based vacuum gauge. In addition to the linear analog outputs (0-1 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA, or 0-20 mA), pressure measurements can be accessed via the RS232 digital output. Digital readings can be provided in either Torr, mbar, or Pascal units. 

A precision A/D converter, along with the microprocessor, Measures the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube's output and converts the measurement to a pressure reading employing the gauge tube's well-defined output/pressure function.​



Portable Vacuum Gauge - HPM 4/5/6 (4/2014)

The HPM 4/5/6 features a precision A/D converter along with a microprocessor to measure the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube's signal output. The microprocessor converts the measurement to a pressure reading by employing the gauge tube's well defined output/pressure relationship. The result is displayed using a bright, easy-toread graphical display.
The HPM 4/5/6 is compatible with three of THI's most popular gauge tube families: DV- 4, DV-5 and DV-6. These tubes utilize THI's rugged but sensitive noble metal thermocouples that are designed specifically for each range. Tubes are matched and interchangeable without calibration adjustments.